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Luc Jacquet

Luc Jacquet Portrait Luc Jacquet Portrait

It is Loro Piana’s reverence for the natural world and deep respect for the communities working in harmony with it that unites the brand with Luc Jacquet.

“I have the extraordinary luck of being an independent artist who can choose his film subjects based on their sense and their power of inspiration. I am sensitive to the idea of excellence and a job well done, the values of traditional craftsman espoused by Loro Piana. I am honoured by this invitation to work on three films revolving around three different worlds. Loro Piana is a brand that embodies excellence. I took this request as an exceptional opportunity. Exploring the origin of these precious fibres is also a way for me to plunge into universes which inspire me.”

“Before becoming a filmmaker I was an ecologist, specialised in the relationship between living beings and extreme environments. I believe that with these films, we are on topic: it takes the most difficult environments on the planet for them to thrive, by dint of work, expertise, time, and the struggle for life. I do not like the fact that beautiful things disappear. I discovered, in contact with Loro Piana’s teams, that there were important scientific and ecological issues in the origin of these three fibres. Loro Piana is not a “simple” manufacturer looking for suppliers, it’s much more than that, this brand takes a real step towards saving species, landscape and know-how.”

Interview with Luc Jacquet

“I have long dreamed of working on the landscapes and the men of Mongolia, I know the rural people of New Zealand and Australia, I often travel to South America to find exoticism, biodiversity and the traditions of the Andes.”

Luc Jacquet